Major: OLS, with an HR certificate

What made you want to be involved in Engineering?
I had no choice. I started out in business and marketing, but that didn’t go well - I couldn’t pass the accounting prerequisite for Kelley. Then, I went and talked to an advisor in the Engineering school. She said OLS is the closest major associated with the classes I had taken so far, and I only have so much more before I graduate. But it’s been really difficult, because I have to do the whole degree in one year.

What are you involved in on campus?
Right now I can’t be involved in anything, because I’m taking 21 credit hours and don’t have the time.

Post Grad Plans
I’m applying for a few internships and jobs. If I get offers, I’ll probably accept them. Otherwise, my brother owns his own business in Africa, so I’ll probably head over there and work in international business.

When you were younger, what was your dream job?
I wanted to be an FBI agent. However, my father was military, and I saw how he reacted towards people and interacted with them, and I didn’t want to be like that. Plus, everyone hates cops and law enforcement, nowadays, so I’m glad I didn’t go down that way.

What was your most enjoyable year?
Freshman year was the most enjoyable, because I took all electives. I grew up in Chicago until I was 15, then I went abroad for school, then I came back, so I took it light so I could get situated. The transition was easy, since I lived here, but the language barrier was difficult, since I think in both Arabic and English. The hardest thing was getting used to the area (the living part).

What advice do you have for fellow students?
Communicate with your professors, and make sure they know your name. And keep up with the work. Don’t be that person that nobody knows. If you’re positively responsive to the professor, he’ll know if you’re trying or not, so he’ll give you the help that you need.

What do you do in your free time?
I play basketball. I used to box, before I got my blood clot, so now I play basketball, do a light workout, and do a lot of homework.

What advice would you have for managing time? 
Get your work done first. Don’t push it back. Some people get too excited about starting the weekend, but you should try to finish whatever you have to do first, so you don’t have on your mind all the things you still have to do; once that moment comes you’re not going to be happy about it and you’re not going to do well. On the other hand, if you get it done before the weekend, you’re motivated to get it done quickly so you have the whole weekend for yourself.